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Home Automation

7:00 am
Your 'alarm' goes off - a pleasant voice, from the in-wall speakers in your bedroom, announces that "It's time to wake up." The curtains automatically open. The lights come up to a comfortable level. Your favorite music begins to play. And, the Weather Channel, with the sound muffled, appears on your TV.

After a moment, you rise and head to the bathroom to get ready for the day. The music is already on in there. With just a 'tap' to the in-wall touch panel mounted beside the sink, you bring up the Weather Channel again as you brush your teeth. Satisfied that you won't need an umbrella that day, another 'tap' to the touch panel and you're watching CNN Headline News.

The doorbell rings. The view on the touch panel automatically switches to the front door camera . It's UPS with an overnight delivery. Not quite ready to face the world, you pick up the bathroom phone and tell him to leave the package at the front door. Turning off the news, you crank up the music and step into the shower.

When you head into the kitchen fifteen minutes later, the coffee has just finished brewing. Two cups later, before you head out the door, you 'tap' a button on the kitchen touch panel . The A/V system powers down, the lights slowly dim until they're all the way off, the thermostat is adjusted to its 'daytime' setting and the garage door automatically opens.

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