1144 East End Blvd,
Slidell |  LA 70461



Sit down and relax in your favorite chair. Select the film you've been wanting to see. Touch one button. The lights dim, the screen drops out of the ceiling, and the projector begins to play your movie. Through the darkened room, light begins to fill your video screen. The soundtrack swells and you feel your multi-speaker digital surround system come to life. Your senses are heightened as you are transported into each scene, touched by the drama, excited by the adventure.

To have your emotions carried away by vivid images and dramatic sound is what you will experience with a well designed entertainment system. From the moment you discuss your intentions with us to the first experience you have with your finished system, you'll know you made the right decision. We'll help you pick the best television and surround sound components for your room and your lifestyle.

It's not the amount of money you need to spend, for we serve all budgets. It's only the desire to experience the beauty of home theatre at its best. Frankly, it's for the fun of it, for you and your family. The perfect image, and the perfect sound, for years to come!

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